VA Tourism Namibia is my pet project where I took my 25 years of travel agency experience ‘into the cloud’. I am certainly not busy on the websites every day, but I enjoy keeping them alive and fresh.
In the recent weeks I have re-linked the German version of the website directly to the quotation software to speed up the display of individual prices. Further, I have ‘weeded out’ a number of lodges and hotels that simply do not respond to my price requests and I am in the process of adding new ones (and I have also added a new Car Rental company). But although I love this work and the challenges connected to this, the downside is that it keeps me very much alone, hidden behind the computer screen.
When updating my websites, I always have one question in my mind: What do you like most about Namibia?

2016 surprised me with a very good increase of bookings, and the majority of clients came in via the websites, yay! – My perseverence is definitely worth it and the good year has renewed my ambitions to provide the most comprehensive and most up-to-date booking tool for both; the tourist and the local service provider.
When asking my clients after the trip what they liked most about Namibia, I get the usual answers: The wildlife, vast and open spaces, nature, friendly people, peaceful atmosphere.

Today I fould a 5-minute youtube video surveying passers-by in Windhoek and Swakopmund – asking the same question! What do you (Namibian) like most about Namibia? Interested in the answers? Have a look and enjoy the video! (credits to:

What do you like most about Namibia? – Please tell me! –