The Trail Hopper / Naukluft

Desert Experience Trail.Vast and eternal, but also picturesque and enchanting, NamibRand Nature Reserve embraces its hiker. On foot is the best way to feel the desert, as it allows you to experience the amazing details personally and in your own time. Walking here induces the mind to relax, allowing you to fully immerse into the magic of the world around you.

You will hike over vegetated sand dunes in different shapes and colours, endless plains and mountains and discover the diversity of desert organisms, adaptation and scenery. Fog-basking Tok Tokkie beetles, barking geckos, dancing spiders, bat-eared foxes, and many more – the desert is not deserted at all. This fascinating eco-system is home to interesting creatures and plants. Lead by your guide, who will reveal this world to you, you can focus on savouring the remoteness, tranquillity and vastness of this ancient desert landscape.

Naukluft Mountain Trek. The Naukluft Mountains, which are part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, look rough, impressing and impenetrable from the outside. And that is what they are.

But, there is a hiking trail that explores the massif, trailing the steep and lush kloofs (Afrikaans for ravine), barren plateaus, waterfalls and watercourses. For those venturing into the Naukluft, an enchanting world of springs, rock pools, (dry) waterfalls, steep cliffs and amazingly varied but elusive wildlife is revealed. Whereas on the plateau hardy plants cling to life, down in the ravines fig trees and wild olives are prevalent. The name Naukluft is derived from the Afrikaans, a very pictorial language, and means “narrow ravine”.

The Naukluft Mountains are well known as a hiker’s destination, including day hikes but also several longer trails. We have chosen the section which allows the hiker experience the inner beauty, wilderness and adventures of the Naukluft. A note of caution ahead: This trail is not for the faint-hearted and for experienced hikers only.

RATES 2014

Valid 1st January, 2014 to 31st December, 2014





Desert Experience Trail


4 days (3 nights)

N$ 11,507 (2 persons)
N$ 8,448
(3 persons)
N$ 6,919
(4 persons)

22.MAY 2013
15.JUN 2013
21.JUL 2013
07.SEP 2013

Naukluft Mountain Trek

Experienced, fit hikers only

6 days (5 nights)

N$ 15,807 (2 persons)
N$ 11,641
(3 persons)
N$ 9,558
(4 persons)

dates on request

Brandberg Summit Ascent

Experienced, fit hikers only

5 days (4 nights)

N$ 13,221 (2 persons)
N$ 9,539
(3 persons)
N$ 7,699
(4 persons)

dates on request

Rates include:

  • One English speaking nature guide/driver per group
  • Free door-to-door courtesy transport in Windhoek City area
  • All transfers Windhoek – start/endpoint of hikes – Windhoek
  • Accommodation and meals as per our itineraries
  • SAT phone or radio for cases of emergency
  • All crockery and cutlery
  • Hiking permits and park fees
  • VAT