• Etosha - Zebras in b/w

7-Day Selfdrive Tour

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: NA$13,120

This is a ‘sample’ Selfdrive-Tour of 6 nights / 7 days which takes you on a nice circular route from Windhoek to the Etosha Park and back. Along the route, you will be visiting some major tourist attractions like the Hoba meteorite and Lake Otjikoto on the way up north, and on the return leg, you will travel through the Damaraland and there is an opportunity to visit the Vingerklip and Ugab Terraces as well. On the last day, you will find in Okahandja a big woodcarvers’ market for your last minute souvenir shopping.
The tour price will vary according to the choice of hotels and lodges, the choice of car and also the season that you are travelling in. If you are not certain that you have made the best choice for your situation, you are welcome to contact us via mail or skype and we’ll check your trip through, face to face!

Day 1

Buzzing and cosmopolitan capital of Namibia. Luxurious hotels and super-fast internet, and time to enjoy a stylish glass of Shiraz on the terrace of a good hotel.

Day 2

Visit the famous white fort! During the 1st World War, 7 Germans fought off nearly 500 Ovambos (but then retreated at night due to lack of ammunition).

Day 3 - 5
Etosha National Park

Famous for its wildlife. Drive from waterhole to waterhole at your own pace and witness wildlife scenes that you would normally only see on TV!In the Okaukuejo Restcamp, you can spend the night at the lit waterhole and see rhinos, lions and more predators.

Day 6

Homesick for Namibia before you have even left? – That’s best described by the German word ‘Fernweh’. See you back soon!

Rental Car Jan-Jun Jul-Dec
  • Odyssey Car Hire (4 Persons) 2×4
  • Caprivi Car Hire (4 Persons) 4×4
NAD/ZAR $4.620 $5.670
NAD/ZAR $6.440 $8.400


Accomodation Double Single
  • Standard with breakfast
  • Luxury with breakfast
NAD/ZAR $8.500 $4.780
NAD/ZAR $10.700 $10.630


All prices displayed are in NAD / ZAR and the price-tag above is calculated for 2 persons! Since this is a sample tour, the prices are for illustration purposes only. Kindly refer to our embedded currency converter to convert the displayed tour prices to your own currency.

Here is the detailed route!

7 Days / 6 Nights: Etosha
Night: distance area/overnight sightseeing en route
1 arrival in NAM Windhoek alte Feste, Heroes’ Acre, Christus Kirche
2 500 km Namutoni Otjiwarongo, Hoba Meteorite, Lake Otjikoto
3+4 300 km Okaukuejo own game viewing on the edge on the Salt Pan
5 250 km Dolomite Dolomite hills, savanna plains
6 300 km Outjo or Otjiwarongo Damaraland, Vingerklip
7 320 km return to Windhoek Okahandja woodcarvers’ market, shopping in Windhoek