Dear Reader

for a long time, I was mostly looking for stunning photos, when opening a book on Namibia.
And then I found out how much love, time and determination are necessary to write an information and travel guide book, especially on Namibia, where you discover something beautiful or surprising around every corner… You must travel there to see for yourself! Seriously.

Here are my top travel guide books, picked with having you in mind:


Tops for me is the Insight Guide to Namibia. It starts off with a very true and often commented on distinctive feature of Namibia: Namibia’s peoples are united in diversity, friendly and hospitable; and the guide is written in a captivating story-teller tone which makes it hard to put it down. The reader feels already a little ‘at home’ in the destination country and can use the practical tips and detailed information to pick out his preferred attractions and activities for his journey.
The included free e-book and App for the smart phone are nice give-aways and serve the traveller well. All in all, this is a positive, solid travel guide that can be relied on for your holiday planning.


This is the first edition of a ‘Rough Guide’ – for Namibia, and published in mid-2017, it is one of the most recent travel books available on the market. It contains a lot of detail on all aspects of travel to and within Namibia – and the clear layout serves a ‘visual’ reader like myself very well.
What I enjoyed most were the little side remarks in grey boxes that explain something special in the area like the coastal mist, the fairy circles of the Namib Naukluft park, …
This is a practical and useful, and one of the ‘freshest’ guides around. You cannot make a mistake when basing your planning on the information provided here.


The Lonely Planet comes up first in my Amazon search – while I would rank it 3rd at best. The reason being that it is difficult for the newcomer, to not mix up Namibian and foreign attractions…In the ‘Top 16’ chapter for instance, Namibian and Botswana attractions are mixed together and the Victoria Falls (which are on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe) are presented as well.
However, the chapters are written in an easy to understand tone and the guide gives a lot of detail, even including illustrative exchange rates. I liked the example tours because they could easily be used as ‘blue print’ for the reader’s own planning.


Similar to the example tours is how many people start their planning. Simply provide your e-mail address in the field below and we will send you a link to our own interactive map of Namibia. This is completed in only a few seconds, and you can get started. If you feel a little overwhelmend and e-mail us for help, we will assist you with practical tips with regards to your route design, the accommodation available and even about day excursions offered by the lodges.
Even if you only want to travel next year.
(If you don’t e-mail us for help, you’ll only hear from us very, veeery infrequently!)
Have fun!

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