Namibia Renewable Energy… Did you know? Namibia has commissioned a solar power plant in Omaruru!  But before I’m overheating on this topic:

Let’s first define ‘Energy’.

To me, it’s much more than only electricity. It’s the power that drives curiosity, the force that lets me continue on my quest (no matter what) and the obsession to find a solution for the problem, respectively, reach my goals.

My friends know of me that I’m a passionate about teaching, that for the last 35 years I was interested in renewable energy, and that I installed a solar geysir on my roof in Swakopmund (with solar/water underfloor heating in my house!) when everyone else was still doubting that ‘solar’ would ever work. In Swakopmund. With all the mist. Further, I’m stubborn and of course, I’m a Namibian tour operator.

And seeing that I love playing with languages and letters, the letter ‘e’ has its own significance. ‘e’ is strength, ‘e’ is also electronic, and ‘e’ is the only important vocal in ‘energy’.

Isn’t the photo above just awesome?

eLearning & eTourism at the recent RETOSA conference – eNergy, eLectronics and eNthusiasm hand ‘eee’n hand.