I am so happy to report only good news for you, my faithful Namibia travellers! Finally, Low Season Specials for Early Birds have arrived!

While updating the 2016 prices for a number of rental car and accommodation partners, I found that they have implemented substantial discounts for the first 6 months of the new year!

Traditionally January to June are the ‘slow’ tourism months each year. I experienced how true this is when I worked for a day tour operator in Swakopmund in 2006 + 2007. We would sometimes step out of the office just to see whether anyone was still living in Swakopmund (and not find that everyone was abducted by aliens!!), or phone the office number from our mobiles to check the lines…

With the new low season special prices, I am able to package for you your dream holiday at a rate that none of my competitors with printed catalogues can match!

Don’t hesitate and let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Fill out the online questionnaire now and receive your own tailor-made quotation within a few hours. We can tweak it until you’re happy to book and voilà! you will see that we pass all discounts on to you!! Start saving right away!