Kamanjab (9)

In Kamanjab – town, you will find the following accommodation properties displayed here:

Oase Guesthouse
Oppi Koppi Restcamp

north of Kamanjab: Gelbingen Lodge
north of Kamanjab: Etendeka Mountain Camp
north of Kamanjab: Rustig Toko Lodge

south of Kamanjab: Huab Lodge

west of Kamanjab: Grootberg Lodge & Hoada Camping

115km west of Kamanjab: Palmwag Lodge

inside Etosha National Park: Dolomite Rest Camp (Namibia Wildlife Resorts)

Huab Lodge Namibia

Oppi Koppi

Oase Guesthouse Kamanjab

Rustig Toko Lodge

Etendeka Mountain Camp

Gelbingen Lodge