Free Interactive Map + Tutorials, just for you!

Yes – how are you doing! – We’re great and we’re excited to tell you about all the developments on VA Tourism Namibia during our ‘hibernation months’! VA Tourism has been extremely busy in the past half year. The website has been revamped, re-ordered, and – we have included an interactive map for all route planning!

Now, it’s criminally easy to use VA Tourism for your holiday planning!

To show you how convenient the website now is, we have produced a few so-called ‘screencast’ videos that explain to you the functionality of the website, as well as our underlying philosophy.
Enjoy watching them!

# 1 – Introduction and Overview (4 minutes)
# 2 – Flights and Essentials
(4 minutes)
# 3 – How to book your Rental Car (6 minutes)
# 4 – How to book your Accommodation
(15 minutes)