Element Riders – Surfing for beginners / Lüderitz

SURFING FOR EVERYBODY – Conditions along the Namibian coast are ideal for all watersports. Why not use the opportunity to brush up on some long-forgotten skills and experience the thrill of expanding your limits.

Level 1 beginners’ course: you will learn all necessary theory about waves and boards, hazards and safety – then the standing up and stance; what works what doesn’t work and why (we practice this first on the beach and then in the water). We provide the boards for the beginner lessons (soft boards = these help to learn the right habits early). Almost all beginners actually get to stand and ride a little wave by the end of the session!

The level 2 course is the right one for you, once you can stand up on the shorter boards more easily. Now you will learn paddling, duckdiving and more shortboard stand-up techniques.

Surfing times and spots depend on tides and waves.
We also rent out wetsuits, boards with or without assistance and we offer personal training sessions!

RATES 2015

Valid 1st January, 2015 to 31st December, 2015





Surfing for everybody

level 1 – beginners

Tuesdays to Sundays

2-3 hours

N$ 400.00

2 participants

Surfing for everybody

level 2 – can stand on board

Tuesdays to Sundays

2 hours

N$ 300.00

2 participants

Private training session

per hour

N$ 250.00

No minimum participation

* Rates include VAT.
* Unfortunately no credit card facilities.