When I started this website (and the previous and the previous to the previous one) I promised myself to always keep it strictly tourism-related.

Today, it’s time to happily break this promise! Be my guest and read on…

I have first noticed Hage Geingob during the pre-election campaign in 1989; where each of the newly established political parties was allowed a few minutes of ‘talk to the Nation’ right before the main evening news. Those elections were then to form the legislating/constituent assembly – from which the first ever democratic parliament evolved.

Not only could I understand his English accent, but to my sheer delight, he made perfect sense to me with his message. Of course, I kept an eye on him…

As you can imagine, I had no objections to him taking the office of the Prime Minister of Namibia in the 1990’s and I was sad that he left the country when after that, he moved to Washington (US) for a few years. Of course I am happy that he is finally the President of Namibia!

But WHY on EARTH do I now break my promise of non-political-ness?

His move of yesterday! – Dr. Hage Geingob has in a public press event laid open his finances, his income and his assets (verified by a renowned auditing company). Not only his own, but also those of his wife, Monica. He feels compelled to transparency, he says.

WHERE on EARTH do you find that? He is 73 years old… and the ‘old’ have been brought up so differently.

Looking at only the figures – he has not done too badly. But: he has not lined his pockets either.
You actually have to consider his age and his career too. Just compare this to me! I’m 20 years younger and my net worth is 20times less. I’m an academic too, but I haven’t been prime minister or working in America or anything similar.

Thank you.

Mr. President – you rock!

(Photo credits: copyright by ‘The Namibian’ – I found it on google images)