Cheap Car Rental with instant confirmation

VA Tourism Namibia has agreements with the major Namibian car rental partners to offer a cheap car rental fleet on this page.

How does that work? – Very simple:

  • We display 6 car types, as representation for all available cars (3x old, 3x new).
  • You read through the descriptions to find what you need, and
  • Click on the car of your choice,
  • Enter your travel dates to have the software calculate the seasons, duration of rental and the final price for you,
  • Add an optional insurance if you want to top-up the (already included) basic car damage waiver
  • And you pay. Well done, you have successfully rented a reliable car!

Your stress-free holidays have just begun: We guarantee availability, the car type and the price! (continue reading below)

Why book ‘local’? – The advantages are:

  • Owner-managed. This means that you can count on the greatest care for and maintenance of every car (and client, by the way!) No-one wants to exchange cars with exasperated clients in the middle of nowhere.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance guaranteed.
  • Namibians know the country and match your rental needs with the appropriate car.
  • No (foreign) middlemen who bloat prices.
  • There are about 24 Namibian car rental operators. These pay income tax and VAT, and all other fees and duties in Namibia.
  • Your payment arrives without detour (and without ‘losses’!) and is used to create and secure jobs for Namibians.
  • Fairness and sustainability are at all times the underlying business principles.
  • Instant, confirmed bookings are now possible!

Thank you for making the right decision. Cheap Car Rental will not disappoint you!

You cannot find a car for the dates of your trip? Then our ‘quota’ is exhausted. But not to worry: simply book the required vehicle type at one of the displayed partners here and we will make sure to confirm a good deal for you!

For your convenience, please find here a summary of the ‘smallprint’ regulating the offers above:

  • your contract has unlimited kms included, you can drive as far as you like!
  • the cars usually come with diesel-engines and 2 tanks with a total capacity of 140l.
  • none of the participating car rental companies has an office at the international airport. Therefore you will be collected from the arrivals lounge by a driver who takes you the nearly 50km to town and to the office of your rental agent. If you rent your car for 14 days or longer, both airport transfers are free of charge.
  • this is very inconvenient and for that reason you will book elsewhere, right? – Wrong! Let me explain the advantages:
    • after the long haul flight you arrive very tired. And you are anyway exhausted and stressed from your job. Treat yourself to being chauffeured for a few kms. It’s free!
    • here in Namibia, we drive on the left lane, and there is too little traffic to ‘thread into’. Plus you will find that some intersections are more a labyrinth than an intersection – with locals driving, as if there was no tomorrow. Tired and unfocused drivers are quick to risk their lives. Treat yourself to being chauffeured for a few kms. It’s free!
    • Windhoek is situated at 1.600m altitude, has no measurable air humidity, and has extremely sharp sunlight. (What is your home climate?) – Since I’m over 40 I ‘feel’ this, and since I’m over 50, even I as a ‘local’ need 2-3 days for acclimatization when returning from a trip abroad. Treat yourself to being chauffeured for a few kms. It’s free!
  • a basic car damage and theft waiver is included in the daily rental fee and you will pay an excess deposit (every car rental company determines its own amounts) with your credit card. This excess deposit will be ‘reserved’ (= blocked) on your credit card, so if you plan to use your card for more transactions, you need to top-up the balance in time.
  • Tyre and glass damage can be avoided with careful driving – so you will have to settle those losses yourself, I’m afraid, if something happens. For carefree driving, you can take out an additional tyre and glass insurance in the office of your agent.
  • Unfortunately, there is no 3rd party liability or personal injury insurance available in Namibia. Your medical aid fund can certainly offer you adequate cover.
  • Plan to spend at least 1 hour for the pick-up of your vehicle. The agent will explain all contractual details, make copies of your passport, your driver’s licence (please bring an English / international one) and your credit card; and will together with you complete the handover protocol.
    • check the tyre tread on all wheels (don’t forget the spare!)
    • ask the agent to demonstrate the jack to you, and the assembly of the parts as well. Yours at home works differently, guaranteed!
    • make sure that even the smallest dents and scratches are noted down. Don’t worry, normal wear and tear from driving on our gravel roads is expected and is not penalized.
    • let the agent show you how the 4×4 is engaged and disengaged and try out how this feels on a test drive. You don’t need the 4×4 on long stretches of tarred roads and can save some petrol too.
  • There are no ‘dumb questions’. Here in Namibia, a new car costs nearly as much as a small house in one of the Windhoek suburbs. This is why car rentals are pricey in comparison with international standards, and why sometimes the excess deposits sound very expensive too. The car rental agent will be happy to answer all your questions because he can only conduct a profitable business if you return his car unharmed.

The expression ‘Cheap Car Rental’ is actually not entirely correct – good-value-for-money would fit much better! In spite of the fact that a well maintained fleet and uninterrupted 100% driving fun during your holidays are invaluable, you get the best available offers right here!