Adventure / Activities

Namibia is a true adventure – and to top it all, a number of adrenaline sports and safaris are available.

Whether you’re the type that enjoys to jump out of a perfectly flying aircraft or you want to surf with the dolphins, we are happy to include a few suggestions for your next holiday. Some activities last a few days and some only a few hours – and – our list is NOT exhaustive.

You’re welcome to contact us for any, absolutely any special interest! All of these featured companies are owner-managed, owner-guided and the tours/activities are tailored to suit the clients’ individual requirements.
For this reason I could not negotiate any VIP-status for confirmations and it makes no sense to include an online booking facility. Get our contact details and enquire straight away!

In the meantime, have a look at these:

Sundowner Horseriding – Equitrails – Windhoek

Tommy’s Living Desert Tours – Swakopmund

Surfing – Element Riders – Swakopmund / Lüderitz

Mountainbike Trail (2 days) – Frontier Trails – Swakopmund

Climbing / Abseiling – Element Riders – Swakopmund

Quadbiking in the dunes – Desert Explorers – Swakopmund

Kite-Surfing the new buzz-word – Element Riders – Lüderitz

Sandboarding – Alter Action – Swakopmund

Tok Tokkie Trail (3 days) – Tok Tokkie Trails – NamibRand Nature Reserve

Horseriding Safari (11 days) – Namibia Horse Safari – Windhoek

NamibRand / Naukluft Trekking (3-6 days) – The Trail Hopper – Windhoek

Fishriver Hiking Trail (5 days) – Fish River Lodge – Northwest Canyon

Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Kayaking and Photographic Tour – Walvis Bay