Today just as 130 years ago, packing your bags means much more than only transportation from A to B.

When travelling to Namibia 130 years ago, you needed to get aboard a ship in Hamburg, Germany. The journey was interrupted frequently, sometimes for several days, because passengers and cargo were collected or offloaded at the numerous stops en route. Travel-Adventure used to be Adventure Travel!

Transportation as such is much quicker today of course, because you only have to get on a 11-hour nonstop flight; but the journey remains an Adventure Travel!

Namibia is a rather expensive destination. For this reason, you will only run into very exclusive clientele. Every hotel and lodge has a different design, each room has its own flair… and you will remember them for the rest of your life, guaranteed! In terms of ‘protecting the environment’ and new technologies, Namibia is ahead of most other countries (on the downside, there is no free wifi at the international airport). Apart from organising photo safaris and sports trips to Namibia, you can of course also arrange conferences or even get married (!) in Namibia.

The Namibians are always friendly and courteous and every holiday there is turned into Adventure Travel. This of course has made the rounds and it might just happen that you encounter celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the beach at Langstrand, or support Prince Harry in the rhino protection project.