Ai-Ais (6)

Each hotel is attributed to the nearest settlement / town; but it might be 100 kms away!
The colour-coding is as follows: Basic – Comfortable 0-2*, De Luxe 2-3*, Luxury 4-5*

Ai-Ais hot springs resort is a sought-after destination.
The traditional NWR rest camp is situated at the southern opening of the Fishriver Canyon.

You will find the following more recent accommodation properties listed here:

northern Fishriver Canyon: Fish River Lodge - Double from ZAR 3990.00
northern Fishriver Canyon: Canyon Lodge (Gondwana Collection) - Double from ZAR 3906.00
northern Fishriver Canyon: Canyon Village (Gondwana Collection) - Double from ZAR 2746.00
northern Fishriver Canyon: Canyon Roadhouse (Gondwana Collection) - Double from ZAR 2970.00

Hobas Rest Camp (Namibia Wildlife Resorts) - Camping from ZAR 390.00

Ai-Ais Rest Camp (Namibia Wildlife Resorts) - Double from ZAR 1780.00

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