No initial cost involved – is how he tried to interest me. I received this phone call from a ‘private number’ and expecting someone else, I answered. It turned out the caller was from ‘the government’ wanting to update my company details. As far as the ordinary, publicly broadcast P.O.Box number and so on were […]

Dear reader I am a travel agent by heart – right – this is, how you know me since nearly 30 years, and this is why I started my own online travel agency (OTA) called: VA Tourism Namibia; online yes, but absolutely not limited to a binary code. Let me explain! I am also managing a […]

In the World of Rugby, Namibia is normally only featured as runner-up to everyone else. You said Namibia? Who are they? Yet, to us Namibians, having the Welwitschias represent the country on this international platform is a matter of pride, of hope and of … courage. Just look at the statistics: Our country has (2011 […]