Today just as 130 years ago, packing your bags means much more than only transportation from A to B. When travelling to Namibia 130 years ago, you needed to get aboard a ship in Hamburg, Germany. The journey was interrupted frequently, sometimes for several days, because passengers and cargo were collected or offloaded at the […]

Still jet-lagged I wake up far too early, listen to the first awakening bird, feel warm and snuggly in my bed, and while the darkest night turns into dawn, I suddenly realise that I can breathe again. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Don’t think that I come from a war-zone. On the contrary! I’m currently living in […]

Namibia Renewable Energy… Did you know? Namibia has commissioned a solar power plant in Omaruru!  But before I’m overheating on this topic: Let’s first define ‘Energy’. To me, it’s much more than only electricity. It’s the power that drives curiosity, the force that lets me continue on my quest (no matter what) and the obsession […]