In the World of Rugby, Namibia is normally only featured as runner-up to everyone else. You said Namibia? Who are they? Yet, to us Namibians, having the Welwitschias represent the country on this international platform is a matter of pride, of hope and of … courage. Just look at the statistics: Our country has (2011 […]

I am so happy to report only good news for you, my faithful Namibia travellers! Finally, Low Season Specials for Early Birds have arrived! While updating the 2016 prices for a number of rental car and accommodation partners, I found that they have implemented substantial discounts for the first 6 months of the new year! […]

Today just as 130 years ago, packing your bags means much more than only transportation from A to B. When travelling to Namibia 130 years ago, you needed to get aboard a ship in Hamburg, Germany. The journey was interrupted frequently, sometimes for several days, because passengers and cargo were collected or offloaded at the […]