North – Kunene to Zambezi

For your convenience, I have divided the map into 5 areas from North to South and in each area, the towns are arranged from left to right (from west to east).

1st area: North – this is from the Kunene river in the West, to the Zambezi river in the far East of the Caprivi.
In the area: North you will find: Kaokoveld, Ruacana, Oshakati, Rundu, Bagani and Katima Mulilo (with Kongola and Ngoma).

‘Hover’ your mouse over the area and click on the town which is your next destination to view the accommodation properties listed there.

Towns / Settlements in the North

Kaokoveld (3)
Ruacana (1)
Oshakati (2)
Rundu (3)
Bagani (3)
Kongola (5)
Katima Mulilo (6)