Information For your convenience, I have divided the map into 5 areas from North to South and in each area, the towns are arranged from left to right (from west to east).

2nd area: Etosha – here are accommodation properties from the Damaraland in the West to the Kaudum park in the East of Namibia.
In the area: Etosha you will find: Opuwo, Sesfontein, Okaukuejo, Namutoni, Tsumeb, Tsumkwe, Kamanjab, Khorixas and Outjo.

‘Hover’ your mouse over the area and click on the town which is your next destination to view the accommodation properties listed there.

Towns / Settlements in the Etosha area

Opuwo (1)
Sesfontein (3)
Okaukuejo (9)
Kamanjab (9)
Khorixas (8)
Outjo (6)
Namutoni (6)
Tsumeb – Grootfontein (2)
Tsumkwe (1)