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For your convenience, we have included in the map 35 ‘hyperlinks’ to towns respectively settlements, where accommodation is available.

With those, you can truly customize your own individual Namibia holidays, manage your own planning of route and pricing; at your own leisure time!

But nothing beats personal contact!

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Car Rental

Never been to Namibia before? You have no idea which car you will need?
It all depends on how remote your individual destinations are going to be.

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Here you will find all cars available in Namibia; and you can decide which one is the most suitable for your trip. Please use  the reservation tool to view the individual charges for the duration of your holidays.

Enjoy your shopping!

* Odyssey Car Hire (OD)                     * Caprivi Car Hire (CPR)

* Desert Car Hire (DCH)                      * Savanna Car Hire (SAV)

* Africa On Wheels (AOW)

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Hotel Reservation

220 Hotels / Lodges / Guest Farms in Namibia
Countrywide! Here are availabilities and current prices.

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Let me recommend that you pre-book your entire itinerary. It’s really no fun rocking up at your favorite camp just before sunset only to discover that they are fully booked for the night. Worse yet, exhausted as you are, you will have to cover another (how many?) kilometers on unknown and difficult gravel roads to reach the next neighbor… and hope for that pillow…

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Travel Experts

Andrea Dreyer

(and team) Packaging selfdrive holidays to Namibia since 25 years! And travelling Namibia extensively at all times. There is very little that we haven’t seen ourselves. You can trust our recommendations.

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Only you know what you really have in mind! – Dream, be bold, be daring! We will assist you with all arrangements: from door to door.

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Why Choose Us

Namibia Safaris+TravelService has moved!
…from the limitations of a physical address in Namibia or Europe to a ‘cloud’ (and we changed the name to VA Tourism Namibia) – combining our expertise in the industry with the ease of access of the internet. Isn’t this just awesome!
Registered with the Namibia Tourism Board
…and verified. We fulfill all requirements of a ‘booking office’ and more! You will even find us on the NTB website (hidden in the ‘small links’ section.)
Trustworthy - Fully bonded
– while in Germany, we were bonded by SATSA and by the DRV. We have now arranged for similar / compatible insurance cover here in Namibia.
We are Namibians - we work for you
– born and bred in Namibia, we speak the languages, we know the cultures and combine this with our experience of living ‘abroad’ in Europe for more than 20 years.
We know all our Airline partners
– we fly so often ourselves that we enjoy ‘miles’ programs at Air Namibia, SAA, South African Express, British Airways, Lufthansa and even AA and Delta! Of course we exploit our contacts for you!
We know all our Car Rental partners
… and we are quick to discuss / combine all aspects of your ideas and the road-reality here to arrange a safe holiday for you. If you are hesitant to drive into the remote areas yourself, we will match you with a qualified driver/guide.
We know all our Accommodation partners
… yes we do! – And Namibia sports some very unique places, you bet!
We know all our Adventure partners
– there is little that we haven’t tried ourselves! – All activity operators are safe to use and they protect you from the dangers of inexperience / or an unfamiliar environment.
VA Tourism is at your service: 24/7/365
– this is our philosophy and our reality. We are yours, from the early planning stages until you are back home sorting and labelling your photo slides.

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Photos are used with friendly permission by Megan Dreyer & Family.

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